Who We Are

We’re here to relate. Désirée and I value our relationships above all else. Connection is how we grow. Every connection is an opportunity to experience unconditional love. Every connection is beautiful and unique. We’ve built a robust relationship that has become a deep spiritual practice for us both. We are so grateful that we have the opportunity to share what we have learned. We intend to share this knowledge to help empower others.  Our mission is to help the world love more and be happy.

A Little Bit About Rob

Rob has a natural talent to hear and speak the heart language. He opens his mind up to new and different ways of thinking. He hears beyond the words spoken, connecting with others’ core needs and feelings. A child of divorce, he learned early in life how to adapt to different parenting styles. He set out on his own at the age of seventeen, moving himself first to England and then to Italy as a young adult. Italian families welcomed him into their homes and hearts.

He has always had a special talent for finding creative solutions to life’s challenges. He interned at NASA and the United Nations and is a student of advanced strategic planning. He currently works in software development. He has studied the Tao Te Ching and he often applies Toltec principles to his everyday life. He’s traveled around the world, flown planes, volunteered at hospitals, and sailed through cyclones. He believes that ‘intelligent fast failure’ is the best way to learn, and he isn’t afraid to fail. He welcomes failure. He has failed many times in life. Failure has in fact been his favorite teacher.

He doesn’t let his cultural prejudices get in the way of his connecting. He loves all animals, especially dogs, sailing, teaching, performing improv comedy, and building communities. Helping people comes easily to him, and he has fun in the process. His relationship with Désirée is the icing on the cake of life itself. To him it is the richest and most delicious part. Together they are adventurers.

A Little Bit About Désirée

Désirée is ‘the relationship hacker’. She has a knack for finding the truth through her ingenious social experimentation. She digs and digs until she discovers the truth. She will challenge you, beyond your layers of denial. She will challenge you beyond your ego defenses. She will challenge you beyond your unconscious perceptions about the world. She will challenge everything that stands between you and your heart’s truest desires. And she’ll do it with compassion.

Throughout the process she knows how to redirect you back to yourself for growth and healing. She has always been curious about why people do what they do. She is a classic truth seeker who loves to carefully observe. She never takes for granted the depth of a challenge. She’s let questions go unanswered for years just to accumulate data. She is always devising new ways to experiment with various theories and strategies. She also works as a nutritional health consultant. Désirée has honed her skill for putting people at ease. She’s adept at assessing needs and motivations. She can help you ask yourself the magic questions you’re either too afraid to ask, or haven’t thought to ask. She’s studied and researched Psychology, human development, motivation, attraction, and various mystic traditions. Her level of inconsistency detection is uncanny. She will not give you the answers, but in her own grounded way she can help you process what tools to use and when to use them.

Désirée loves children, funny animal photos, and reading. She researches anything and everything that catches her attention. The relationship she has built with Rob is her proudest achievement. To her it represents the culmination of everything to which she has opened her heart.

The Dream Team

Rob and Désirée met in an improvisational comedy class in Austin, Texas in January of 2012. From the first moment they met, they knew they were creating a different type of relationship. It felt worlds different from anything they had ever experienced before. They had finally met their match in each other, and both had committed fully to living from their hearts. They shared a fun and yet focused first year of relationship together. During this time they layed the foundation for their most blissful relationship reality. They’ve already shared ten years or more together in conventional relationship time.

In June of 2013 they got married D-I-Y style in the Austin Greenbelt; a hike and bike oasis in the Texas hill country. They completely revamped all the typical wedding traditions to meet their unique needs. They honored and celebrated their personal devotion to each other in a personal way. They greeted and blessed every one of their guests before the ceremony. They walked down the aisle together. It was an extremely joyous and liberating ceremony for the both of them. The next week they gave their possessions away, moved out of their dream home, and took off traveling.