Conscious Relationship

Conscious Homecoming: 5 Ways to Create Homes Children Want to Return to

Recently I had the pleasure of spending some quality time connecting with my friend’s mother; which I might add, is a really wonderful thing to do if you’re missing that motherly connection sort of thing in your life. She has four grown, beautiful children that love to be with each other, and actively seek their… Continue reading Conscious Homecoming: 5 Ways to Create Homes Children Want to Return to


Contemplate This

Don’t should all over yourself, obligation is but a whisper of loving will; Drenching oneself with the weight of ‘have to’ cheapens the gift of honor and devotion. Notice the right, wrong, good, bad, true, false, all as rolling hills and rumbling clouds echoing the acoustic snowglobe between; schismatizing oneself with righteous opinion dilutes life-affirmation… Continue reading Contemplate This


Secrets of Private Elite Boarding Schools

John Taylor Gatto was a New York public school teacher with 30 years of classroom experience. He was awarded New York City Teacher of the Year four times and New York State Teacher of the Year in 1991. He is a man of penetrating curiosity, formidable courage, unparalleled trust in the natural learning process and… Continue reading Secrets of Private Elite Boarding Schools

Conscious Relationship

Speaking To The Elephant In The Room

” Your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you. Impeccability of the word only creates beauty, love, and heaven on earth.”  -Don Miguel Ruiz The Elephant in the Room. What is this thing, hanging in the air between us? This thing that feels heavy and uninspiring? Seemingly of its own character… Continue reading Speaking To The Elephant In The Room

Conscious Relationship

Our Consciously Co-created Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are a fantastic analogue to relationships. You can choose the default, uniform way of doing things, or you can totally break with tradition, question everything, and create something uniquely tailored to suit your style. Désirée and I chose the latter option on both accounts. Traditions are an ever evolving conversation between the collective soul and the collective consciousness; so listen well,… Continue reading Our Consciously Co-created Wedding


The “Evil” of Feminine Choice

I felt so deeply saddened when I learned about the Elliot Rodgers shooting. Tragedies like these sink my heart down into my stomach, test my faith in humanity, and send out dark energetic ripples of intense emotion and pain that reverberate around the world. I later discovered there is an online forum of men who… Continue reading The “Evil” of Feminine Choice