What We Do


Life. Why are we here? What is it all about? Désirée and I believe that relationships hold the key to understanding these big questions. Relationships are the underlying fabric that hold the entirety of our existence together. Relationships are an opportunity to experience limitless growth and unconditional love. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship. Can you experience love without a relationship? Can you grow if you are not challenged? Your ability to manage relationships is your same ability to realize your full potential. Désirée and I have invested our time and energy to make our relationship a spiritual practice. The return has far exceeded our wildest dreams. Let us guide and support you in your journey towards more love and happiness. Cultivating loving relationships is how Désirée and I add beauty to the world.


Désirée and I leverage a holistic approach to love strategizing. We love to learn and we are frequently assimilating new concepts into our practice. Our relationship is our laboratory. We draw upon Taoist philosophy, Toltec Wisdom of self-actualization, Polyamory, Radical Honesty, Improv Comedy, and Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication.

On Strategies & Needs

Relationships are strategies. Strategies exist because we have needs. To understand any strategy you must also understand the underlying needs. All human beings have the same needs. Here are a few examples:  The need to feel love, the need to feel understood, and the need to feel secure. Can you identify with having these needs? Generally speaking, humans meet their needs using different tools and strategies.

Conflict arises at the strategy level, not at the needs level. We seek to understand people to the point where we can feel what they feel. Then we help them develop creative new strategies that might better meet their needs. This is our secret sauce. The challenge is in identifying your needs accurately and then communicating them compassionately. Strategies can be anything, from very simple to extremely complex. Désirée and I use practical tools and strategies we’ve experimented with along our journeys. The ultimate aim of the strategies we use is to love more and be happy.

What We Do

Désirée and I teach classes, facilitate seminars and workshops, and hold private sessions (either in person or via Skype). We provide a loving, secure and confidential container for you to learn and develop new tools. You are welcome and accepted by us, we will not judge you nor tell you that you are wrong for being who you are. Nothing is too taboo to discuss with us. We listen actively, we share our perspectives, we ask penetrating questions, we help you devise experiments, and we enlighten and empower you to find the truth.