Contemplate This

Don’t should all over yourself, obligation is but a whisper of loving will;
Drenching oneself with the weight of ‘have to’ cheapens the gift of honor and devotion.

Notice the right, wrong, good, bad, true, false, all as rolling hills and rumbling clouds echoing the acoustic snowglobe between;
schismatizing oneself with righteous opinion dilutes life-affirmation while sharpening the rarety of connection.

Because giving is receiving when joyfully gifted, all perspectives have the potential to be the antithesis we need to consider alongside our darling thesis so that we can more closely approximate the unknowable majesty of truth through synthesis.

Listen to people, their stories, their values, the heaviness in their hearts, and what they feel they have distilled from life;
The communion of connection melting into the river of adventure honors life and touches the truth of eternal validation and rightness.

Trust is our connection, word play omissions lie white and low in self preservation betraying your right place;
The denigration of the only truth you can be sure of, your somethingness in this nothingness, spills your life blood as your bond fails.

Precious are the lifetimes of observation turned mythology, the applied meaning, the flavors of experience while remembering that heaven and hell is a creationist story turned inside-out therefore punishment comes to you not for deceiving but by deceit.

Never end your investigation, resist the temptation to file away your research as a period and be glad that it is never done, never for sure;
For it is the continuous crushing inward that generates the emense heat balls of glowing plasma that we know as shining stars in the dark nights’ sky.

Be as vulnerable as the boundary of your self-respect will allow and lend yourself to witness, faithfully calling on the name of the lord;
For when you choose to bathe in the springs of intimacy, wonderous awe is deeply known and delivers you from the clutches of resolved melancholy.

Suspend conclusion into the solution of positive regard, without piercing the gentle membrane of skepticism, and allow the wild propagation of naked courage in the face of the unknown risking it all to dissolve into the vastness from which love, belonging and joy emerge.

Be, do and say nothing out of your anxiety to fill yourself full of any wow factor something great of a more accomplished track record;
Your impulse to add cacophonic vision of your namesake drowns out the universal waves returning to their shore of grounded artistry.

The zero sum game we play is real because there isnt enough economic pie to feed the ecological needs of mother earths’ guests;
Your theory of mind has been squeezed through a pinhole perception of symbols that monetizes all of our human exchanges with interest.

There is nothing to do except heed the clear call of your being to create the most delicious dessert your heart knows is possible not because it will make you more of anything, but because the ocean you hear from this priceless seashell nourishes the core of your being where the imitation will not.

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